Tsipouro Apostolakis (700ml)
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Tsipouro Apostolakis (700ml)

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The historic Apostolakis distillery, is in Thessaly the bedrock of traditional Tsipouro distillation in Greece. Using exclusively bio-dynamic and organic vineyards, they are a model distiller in Greece.

Recipes that have come to Greece in 1922 with the Asia Minor refuges, the Apostolakis family keeps on carrying this tradition to date with their great Tsipouro.

Tsipouro is a quintessential drink to have when eating our meze, or after a good dinner or lunch. This tsipouro undergoes multiple distillations and delivers a high quality and value Tsipouro!

Best enjoyed chilled, we like drinking it neat. 

Variety: Muscat

Origin: Thessaly

Alcohol: 40%