Tsipouro Parparoussis - Pnevma -  Sideritis (500ml)
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Tsipouro Parparoussis - Pnevma - Sideritis (500ml)

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Parparoussis is one of Greece's heavy-weight wine makers in the Peloponnese. Low-key yet producing some of the most powerful whites and reds you can try. 

Passionate, highly-skilled wine-makers they put the same amount of passion and detail in their Tsipouro as well, using the same varieties they use for their wines. We think their Tsipouros are simply the best. 

Made with the Sideritis grape, this is a double distilled tsipouro that is elegant, floral and distinct! It is very smooth and delicate, simply a dream to enjoy!

Variety: Sideritis

Origin: Peloponnese

Alcohol: 42%