World of Tsipouro Collection!
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World of Tsipouro Collection!

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Tsipouro is the Greek equivalent of Grappa and Tequila. Made through the maceration of grapes, through double or triple distillations, Tsipouro is a great friend during your lunch or dinner or even as a stand-alone aperitif!

We love using it as a the main ingredient for our killer Cretan Margaritas!

This collection is a great introduction to three different take on Tsipouro, including one Tsikoudia, the Cretan equivalent of Tsipouro.

1. Tsipouro Apostolakis 42% 70cl (grape variety: Muscat)

2. Tsikoudia Manousakis 40% 50cl (grape variety: Roussánne)

3. Tsipouro Parparoussis - Pnévma 42% 50cl (grape variety: Mavrodáphne)