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Greek White Wine Collection

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Let us introduce to some of the best white wines Greece has to offer!

In your box you will find the following wines for you to enjoy, showcasing different indigenous grape varieties and wine-making regions!

Time to go exploring!

1. Argyros Oak Fermented - Assyrtiko - Santorini PDO 

2. Nopera Wines - Roya - Muscat, Samos PDO

3. Domaine Spiropoulos - Mantinia - Moschofilero, Mantinia 

4. Douloufakis Winery - Dafnios - Vidiano, Crete

5. Rouvalis Winery - Asprolithi - Roditis, Aigialeia 

6. Papagiannakos Winery - Old Vines - Savatiano, Attica