Dikótylon Gígantes Beans from Feneós | Vegan | 500gr
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Dikótylon Gígantes Beans from Feneós | Vegan | 500gr

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Gígantes or giant butter beans are the most famous Greek bean variety. You have probably tasted them in the homonymous dish, and chances are you fell in love!

What makes Gígantes Feneoú special is the fact that Dikótylon farm everything in Corinth, Greece by hand, and do not use any pesticides at all in their fields. They really love and care for you, the end consumer, and their mission statement is to provide and deliver sustainable and fully nutritious products without any chemical or mechanical interference. 

We are truly proud to be able to offer these gigantes to you. 

Highly nutritious and healthy, you can soak them for 12 hours and cook in your very own Gigantes recipe, or in a traditional Greek bean soup (fasoláda).