Feta Cheese by Siafarikas 1kg, Pindos (PDO) | Vegetarian
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Feta Cheese by Siafarikas 1kg, Pindos (PDO) | Vegetarian

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A delicious Feta cheese that will satisfy any cheese and Feta connoisseur!

Depth, structure, and that uniquely-Greek Feta cheese taste, it is produced in the unique terroir of the Pindos mountains in Northern Greece by the Siafarikas family that has been running strong for four generations now. 

Tip: Amazing on its own, tossed with Greek salad, or in our warm Greek lentil soup (Fakes). The possibilities are endless. How are you having your Feta today?

Ingredients: Pasteurised sheep's MILK and up to 30% goat's MILK, sea salt, rennet, lactic culture.

Packaged in brine.

Shelf life: see best before date on packaging

Always keep refrigerated