Classic Halvás Drapetsónas | 450gr
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Classic Halvás Drapetsónas | 450gr

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Halvás is a beautifully traditional Greek dessert, made with tahini and sugar.

Full of energy, definitely healthier than your usual desserts, it is a natural energy booster. Halvás can be enjoyed on its own, with your tea or coffee or even crumbled on Greek yoghurt. 

What makes Halvá Drapetsónas special, is the fact that this is a family-run business making Halvá by hand since 1924, in the historical Drapetsóna neighbourhood of Piraeus. This is a producer that carries close to 100 years of history and tradition, and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to tell their story in the United Kingdom.

Ingredients: Tahini (crushed sesame seeds), sugar, glucose syrup, vanillin, Saponaria officinalis extract.

Allergens: Sesame