Marianna's Organic Dolmadakia, (~8 pieces, 200gr) | Vegan
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Marianna's Organic Dolmadakia, (~8 pieces, 200gr) | Vegan

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Dolmadákia are some of the most famous Greek meze that you an find. Fresh, flavourful and great on their own or as part of a larger Greek meal they are a pure delight. 

We love Marianna's stuffed vine leaves because they are a 100% organic product and made by the Kazakis family workshop by hand one by one. No industrial production, no chemicals and no preservatives they are 100% organic and pure goodness.

At Hungry Donkey we use Marianna's actual vine leaves for making our very own dolmadákia here at Hungry Donkey, and given they are such a pure product we are delighted to be able to offer you their very own superior quality dolmadákia.

Ingredients:  Marianna's vine leaves, dill, parsley, rice, salt, sugar, spring onions, red onions, pepper, natural lemon juice, sunflower oil. *all ingredients are organic.

Dairy free & Gluten free product

Please keep refrigerated.