Mastello cheese from the island of Chios (~400gr)
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Mastello cheese from the island of Chios (~400gr)

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Mastello is a velvety and full of flavour cow's milk cheese from the island of Chios. With the same texture and bite as Halloumi, it is slightly less salty and more delicate. 

A fine cheese for frying and grilling it lends itself to creativity, and can be the lead start of any dish.

Try it on it's own, in a beautiful sourdough toastie or as part of a vegetarian souvlaki - the opportunities with Mastello are indeed endless.

Throw it on a hot frying pan, drizzled with some olive oil, and remove once it starts to melt. 

At Hungry Donkey we serve it topped with lemon, capers and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: pasteurised cow's milk (MILK), salt, rennet