Sage Honey by Meligyris | Vegetarian | 270gr
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Sage Honey by Meligyris | Vegetarian | 270gr

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Honey is a unique product that Greek have been consuming since ancient times. Highly valuable, even referred to as liquid gold in antiquity, it has a special place in every Greek household, due to it medicinal attributes, and high nutritional values.

This beautiful organic sage honey by Melígyris is produced in Cretan woodlands, and is lusciously delicate and mild. 

We love it on thick Greek yoghurt with walnuts and cinnamon, on pancakes, on a warm thick slice of bread with creamy butter or even as a sweetener in your tea and coffee. 

Have a cold? Just pop a thick spoonful in warm tea and let it soothe your throat and warm you up with its beautifully warm sweetness.