Pastitsio | Serves one (~500gr)
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Pastitsio | Serves one (~500gr)

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None of our dishes has caused more social media sensation than our Pastitsio!

There is something mystical and gravitational towards a pasta bake, made with fragrant and deeply aromatic beef mince, and bechamél sauce. We love it because it is simple, comforting and a regular staple dish of our family table when we were growing up!

Give it a try, your really won't regret it!

Ingredients: Whole MILK, Plum Tomato, Beef Mince, Red Onion, Pasta (Durum WHEAT Semolina, Water), Free Range EGG, WHEAT Flour, Graviera Cheese (Sheep MILK, Goat MILK, Rennet, Salt), Butter (Cow MILK), Tomato Paste (Tomatoes, Salt), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Parsley, Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Allspice Ground, Nutmeg Ground, Fresh Bay Leaves, Cinnamon Powder, Wild Oregano Dry, Black Pepper

Suitable for home freezing