Tsikna Feast Box (for two)
Tsikna Feast Box (for two)
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Tsikna Feast Box (for two)

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Our Tsikna box for two is great for the two of you at home, offering a great mix of meats, dips, and sauces.

Find out more about Tsiknopempti here!

Included are:

- 2 x chicken thigh souvlaki (100gr each)

- 2 x pork shoulder souvlaki (100gr each)

- 2 x Wild boar, pork and leek sausages from Mt. Olympus (250gr total)

- 4 x lamb cutlets (115gr each)

- 4 rounds of Greek pita bread

- Your choice of dip. Choose from Tzatziki, Htipiti or Melitzanosalata

- Hungry Donkey's home-made BBQ sauce (200ml)

- Hungry Donkey's home-made Chimichurri sauce (200ml)